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Enlarged Heart and Damaged Lungs

This is a picture of smokers lungs, and a smokers enlarged heart.

Smokers' Lung Picture: Lining

This is a picture of the lining of a smokers’ lung.

Smoking Damages Your Healthy Lungs

Just look at the pictures of smokers’ lungs, and you will see that smoking isn’t worth it.

Anti-Smoking Ad

Smoking can destroy your lungs

See how smoking can destroy your lungs.

Graphic image from a smokers lungs

This disgusting image is of a smokers’ lung.

Black Lungs

Smoking can lead to your lungs becomig sick and black.

Graphic picture of lungs from a smoker

This picture may not seem like an unhealthy lung, but in reality, this is probably what killed the individual that had them.

Smoking Damages Your Lungs

Look at what smoking can do to your lungs.

Graphic image of a smokers lung

This gross picture illustrates what can happen to your lungs when you smoke.