Easy way to quit smoking

I used to be an avid smoker until I started learning more about the dangers of smoking. I’d always heard that smoking damages your lungs but it wasn’t until recently that a close personal friend actually contracted lung cancer and the danger became real to me.

I love smoking though and I didn’t want to give up one of life’s simple pleasures, so I researched for an easy way to quit smoking and I learned about the e-cigarettes manufactured by Vapornine. Something that could simulate smoking without the dangers of tobacco? I was fairly doubtful but it sounded interesting. I decided to try out the Nebula Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for $69.00.

The Nebula is a “disposable atomizer” unit. This means that when the heating element (the atomizer) burns out, you can replace it. I was surprised how long the cartridge actually lasted before I needed to replace it, and the kit included 5 replacement units (called “cartomizers” – the atomizer and cartridge combined).

I was surprised when the Nebula actually produced a good quantity of warm vapor, as advertised. A blue LED in the tip lights up as you inhale, which is pretty cool. I needed to charge the batteries for eight hours before I could use the Nebula the first time, but after that I’ve only needed to take 3-4 hours for each re-charge.

The Nebula Kit included 2 batteries in custom colours, 1 charger and wall adapter, 5 cartomizers and a user guide. Support was available at no additional cost if I had any problems, but I haven’t had to use it! You can refill the Nebula with any type of liquid you want from Vapornine. Some of the flavors I’ve tried are menthol, strawberry, green tea and blueberry. They all tasted and smelled fantastic.

It’s a major adjustment for me, but I’m definitely happy with my Vapornine Nebula Electronic Cigarette. I’d recommend this starter kit to anyone – check it out!